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but first a football where the russian national team are preparing for a friendly against iceland in the spanish city of ma they are on a wednesday after which a van pulls a reports this year it will be key the coach fabio capello was aiming to guide russia to their first world cup since two thousand and. five year capello has enjoyed a dream stance as russia's head coach they took their world cup group with a perfect record of four wins from four games however it's two thousand and thirteen which really counts for russia will be looking to ensure van passage to brazil the following year and a friendly with iceland will give capello a good chance to look at some of these fringe players something italian intends to do you're going to get the most important things from this training camp which is a bit longer than usual is that the new players especially those who are young get the chance to feel at home within the squad but also so they get to understand what i want from them and also what the other players expect of them if you believe that the good thing with the training camps are nothing new for the russian national
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team it was first introduced on the guus hiddink who took his side to turkey. capello has decided on marbury and spain is his destination and if sixty six year old already has one eye on next month's crucial world cup qualifier with northern ireland but italian admits the game against iceland won't allow him to play against similar opponents their games used in the job of the minute you know that iceland are a team that like to keep possession and their playing system is completely different they don't like to play long ball football up to a target man like northern ireland do so the friendly with iceland won't really help us in preparation for this game we joked at that i don't think there are many new faces in the squad so once again andrea shall be imposible get here on the field to make the cuts capello explaining the whole russian campaign is not getting enough first team football for his club side all small market is mine if it's also not included but it seems vogue italian is prepared to give a porter midfielder
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a chance in the future. russian season hasn't started yet following the winter break while the portuguese campaign is in full swing and therefore his mother would have been in completely different physical condition with which to the rest of the squad if you joined our training consequently i have already booked a trip to portugal and will be watching is my live in port as jumpiness league clash with my leg look at even area capello has yet to taste the peak during his reign as russia's coach but wednesday's game of iceland is only a friendly the sixty six year old will be determined to keep his sights on beating record in tanks and that will provide his squad with the confidence boost ahead we want to make tough assignments and group plan may take them over an island in belfast at the end of march which rumbled me donte stallworth. so from russia to the best of the rest from around the world in a week dominated by the beautiful game. on monday just days after turning thirty three barcelona linchpin china were numb
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this signed a two year contract extension to remain at. so far at least until twenty sixteen the midfield maestro came third in the ballon d'or for three years running and was named player of the tournament at euro two thousand and eight he also helped spain defend that crowd four years later and live their maiden world cup in south africa . but on tuesday china's form up basketball star ja mainly looked on as the athletes might have their entrance at the opening ceremony for the special winter olympics in south korea live is the ambassador for the games featuring sports men and women with intellectual disabilities russian snowboarder. claimed the first gold of the events in the city of killing shanghai which will also host the next winter olympics of the sochi two twenty eighteen and.
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then on wednesday at least eight people were injured after a barrier collapsed during the first official match at the globe arena in brazil the incident occurred after the soap pulled out a lot celebrations as local fans ran down the stands to cheer the side opening goal against ecuador's league at the get go in a cappella but the daughters the brand new stadium is not on the list of venue's and next year's world cup. on thursday just a couple of days after training with london club boss know david beckham was officially unveiled at french big spenders party sandra those are thirty seven year old midfielder almost to donate his salary to a local children's charity the former england captain joins from the l.a. galaxy though he helped to secure back to back and molest victories while back in london congolese defender christopher samba moved from russian side an injury to queens park rangers in a twenty million dollars move. and
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on friday mario balotelli said it was a dream come true after the fall back into my. like a jew in syria at rivals ac milan the club he supported as a child the twenty two year old returned to his native easily on a four and a half year deal worth around thirty million dollars after a turbulent couple of years at english champions manchester city and two days later he marked his debut by scoring bonus goals including a last minute penalty as milan won two one at home to deny easy. and on saturday it was third time lucky for russian skeleton racer alexander to tick off the twenty seven year old sealed his maiden gold off the edging out in martins the course of last year by three hundred the second at the world championships in switzerland the top gone completed project of collection of one bronze and won silver on the previous two world events welcome back to alexander's so-called crew took silver in the form on bob's lay behind them.
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and on sunday there was a dark moment in super bowl history as half the lights went out shortly after beyond seas halftime show in new orleans but jacoby jones had scored both his touchdowns before the power cuts and baltimore held off an almighty comeback by san francisco to edge a stunning match thirty four thirty one as ravens coach john harbaugh eclipsed his younger brother jim coaches the forty nine ers. now let's turn to the ice to sky have been crowned regular season champions in the k h l after beating rivals and long time leaders do not know moscow three one in some petersburg with three games to go roberts live on and has the pick of the week's hockey action. skull looking strong ahead of the good during cup playoffs which get underway on the twentieth of february but game winning streak with the latest three one victory over cup holders you know more skilled on home ice on friday bringing the same feet
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side the regular season german style and of course job really is. with the other men's coach. the continental. and earlier this week will sky and in a moscow post to defile house from the experienced. slightly different outcome though. crushing the steelmakers three nil. given their all to level after these classy reshot from sergei must dug in. and victory in the shootout. let's go on we somewhat kitching action this week when he juiced in that's a thing of beauty and drive through stay away win over dinamo minsk.
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over the homicides team say build on response with the same. old lies here on the lot of. course in two pieces five nil in the so-called green darby. no highlights without the guys between the pipes and this week's science of goaltending.
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from the ice now to the slopes and ahead of this week's well skiing championships in austria the world cup calendar managed to squeeze in one final stage though it wasn't in the alps but here in the russian capital was nothing but top of explains all. it may be surprising to see alpine skiing competitions not only fall from the mountains but also in big cities but if you don't have a mountain you can always build one such manmade events have made a significant couric on the world cup calendar over the past three years and this season for the first time ever two cities have hosted for a low slalom advance munich in moscow and the skiers seem to enjoy taking part in
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them if you stand up here at the starting gate it is amazing you have to so a nice view over the whole city in moscow and it makes it always very special and it was officials in moscow who proposed including such events in the world cup calendar after two exhibition tournament in two thousand and nine and twenty tan the russian capital finally hosted its inaugural world cup stage last year on a ramp around sixty metres in height and we've had two hundred meter piece sixteen men and sixteen women go head to head in the knockout barrel slalom each here has had a different venue and this time it was in the north of moscow. despite missing some big names cooperate bearing for the world championships which kick off in austria next week season stops gears revs in the capital to the delight of the crowd in one of moscow's biggest barks in the women's can petition current world champion who tops the season world cup ranking surprisingly failed to make it to the semifinals
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slovenian finishing only fifth while it was twenty one year old landed you stole the show having never before finished in the top five the german went all out reaching the two legged final where she edged sword it can be ironic because as all of what the winner in munich the. amazing i didn't expect that and i just focused on myself and had so much fun here. with overall and slam points so no for marcello future had the chance to extend his lead in the men's standings and the austrian to full advantage of beating events across their list of gratian the last four before ending up alongside sweden and removed it in the deciding run twenty three year old future was second in munich but nothing could stop him from clinching his sixth when of the season. there's a lot of enjoyment i mean this. man to man to man and you know it is always pretty itself very close and nearly everyone can ski here pretty fast with
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this victory here sure increased his lead in the old world cup standings with just four stages to go and produced a good warm up ahead of the world championships in his native force trip well despite a disappointing performance maza remains top of the women's table as the focus moves back to the room mountains this week. on sunday and our team. well also football won but we'll be back after show great to see the kings and queens of the tennis court after well number ones know about djokovic and tori as are in fact that titles on top ranks in stride and i think we chopped a former french open when i promised i think he's going to find out what she thinks is right in the world's best in boxing and go away.
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devices you can watch on t.v. any time anyway. welcome back to part two of the sports show and let's resume with tennis and the first grand slam of the season the australian open but as my own female world number one successfully defended their titles and top line kings were better than young talk with russia's first female went out for french open champion in the to help explain why. because victoria azarenka knew she needed to win the australian open to remain world number one and that's what she was really bothered about she wanted to prove that she deserved the top spot in the rankings so she gave her all in melbourne i think she produced one of her best ever performances or it's historic as there are strong was the second straight down the russian had wanted
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melbourne park and second grand slam title since joining brawl in two thousand and three and according to one of russia's most technically adept former players it was the sea and the kid was there and the success is simple the intelligent use of her own strength. as our anchor is powerful plus she's also very patient and she knows the best moment to turn her power on she plays why do using different angles on the space of the court that's what gives her an edge. it was the usa sloane stephens who produced the biggest shock of the tournament the nineteen year old down compared to it serena williams in the quarterfinals and was only stopped by that eventually jump down in the last four. and stevens moves well and hits hard and she can read her opponents but she's not good at offensive play yet if she needs to create more opportunities if she improves this aspect she'll be very hard to beat. meanwhile the other smith one also another favorite bow out as maria
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sharapova was pressed by former french open champion of china look at the q a psychiatrist there are some psychological factors that affect a chop us performance i mean opponents produced very solid tennis at the same time and ali who beat her in the semifinals had some old scores to settle was extremely motivated i think maria played good tennis but not good enough to win this particular grand slam wash because. the man's around so all four top seeds reached the semifinals before world number one joke of each claimed an open era record of three australian open titles in a row and four in the twenty five year olds who threw in career dr drew we're going to talk a bitch likes to play in australia he feels comfortable in every respect plus he didn't face roger federer i think this might have made a difference i think that roger is currently the only one who can beat novak and he knows him very well and his mental game is stronger than in the final against andy
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murray djokovic she was federer moved he was faster. and before close to the skin i had some unfinished business after our previous interview in december last the serb born how comparisons between the man's and women's game and the reason for serena williams dominance to. serina claims most of her wins by means of power and strength but when she's not of her full capacity or injure. like against stevens she could be outplayed because she loses her main asset to power this long stephen stevens is a perfect example of how unpredictable women's tennis is ahead of the australian open i would have expected serena to win it or stewart would solution for then in the men's of bend no backdrop of which was a strong favorite and he did win it quickly said look we expected all four top guys to be in the semifinals the only question was how many sets to give away. and for those fans to greet or disagree your feedback is still welcome regarding your own
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r.t. . now after watching his arrival in france let's hear from david beckham he was happy about joining. but his french is a little rusty my wife and children there will be staying in london because the children go to school then so. yeah so we're excited as a family to be honest to go before my differentiation or even what worked for you. from a while well number five rafael nadal is bracing himself for a tough comeback as the spanish king of clay is set to play for the first time since wimbledon after a knee injury and stomach virus sidelined him for seven months. i am able to play these three tournaments and i think i work very well for me because i will have. to employ them weeks to prepare the nest that their worst of the season the first that
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they're going to be more difficult in terms of overalls but i play we think well it can give the courts lebron james couldn't believe how lucky he was as his club the miami heat were received by u.s. president barack obama after clinching their second n.b.a. title last season. first it is bill cares will so i mean we kids will go down as texas versus here in ohio in south dakota and i thank god they were. we in the white house right now this is like. my mommy i. only want all star phil mickelson hopes his new driver club could turn his fortunes around off to the american four time major winner claimed his third phoenix i'm going title for spikes in arizona. being able to hit those fairways and make birdies and play dough hole aggressive aggressively that that's
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a big thing for me so the fact that this club is so easy to hit now i think it's going to change the resi year for me i really do because meyer plays always been the strength of my game and it was certainly good today good this week. and for me the one champion sebastian vettel is taking nothing for granted in the fast approaching the season as his red bull team unveils their new car in england after dominating the sport for the costly. as i said there's no guarantee and i think that helps us to keep you know keep on on winning or doing a good job so you really have to you know focus every single time in our case every single lap and trying to get everything together. let's look ahead to next year's winter olympics freestyle skiing became an official event in the one nine hundred ninety s. but one in which russia has so far failed to excel however there's been a dramatic improvement over the past few years and as richard than paul think reports its hopes the country could make an impact on their home games in sochi
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vancouver olympics are a massive disappointment for russia the country's freestyle skier has failed to become a medal but a podium spot was never really expected from a squad lacking experience this pole consists of five separate disciplines for both men and women moguls aerial ski cross as well as home point and slope style which will both be making very big debuts in two thousand and fourteen and russia's head coach is quietly confident ahead of the song she games with much in the world we've made massive strides since the vancouver olympics in almost all the freestyle disciplines ten years ago we the struggling to get into the top ten in the team event is now were around the top three however we have a lot of work ahead of us freestyle is a very technical sport and there are a lot of move to the hard to most but the most important thing is we're moving in the right direction and the results should follow your. models aerials and ski
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cross or russia strength with the countries athletes already managing to battle in time with the world's best on the freestyle circuits built to mid to late she has already achieved a podium finish in the men's aerials this season while you've got a cough has been very consistent of a men's ski cross and head coach concussion acuff is expecting at least two medals of the sort you games and he's impressed by the development of freestyle skiing in russia. there's been a boom in freestyle skiing within russia over the last few years but a new centers are being built across the country and the number of athletes competing on the world cup circuit is increasing because i think we still have some work to do in the aerials. however the moguls in ski cross disciplines and looking much better. will have points mobile in his readiness stablished limbic events skiing will be making it's a very big debut and so what she along with slope style home where the goal is to
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perform difficult tricks on to getting as much height as possible on the jumps no russian is currently ranked in the world's top fifteen events and russia's priest or head coach and meets his team has some catching up to do in these disciplines. as we only started to put half pipe and slope style teams together last year and therefore it will be really hard to try and catch the world's best people there are not enough facilities for health pipe in russia at the moment which is hindering our development is going to it is too early for us to be dreaming about winning medals of but if we can try and make the finals that will be an excellent achievement. for just over a year to go to sochi olympics get under way time is running out for russia's freestyle ski team the head coach doesn't feel on day any extra pressure and believes the country's home games will work in my favor i'm going by encouraging world cup results of the last couple of years there is real optimism that russia
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can win their first ever lympics freestyle medals in two thousand and fourteen richard bumbled legality moscow. so with only a year to go before those winter olympics in sochi the black sea resort is undergoing its toughest test yet three international sporting events are taking place there with hundreds of outlets and thousands of thermals converging on both the sea and ronson that moves with more. well it is amazing to think that within six years sochi has pretty much from scratch managed to complete all the venues it needs to host the winter olympics in twenty fourteen as you can see it is still a work in progress but all the nicest say they are seventy percent ready and a lot of the facilities are up and running however this week three international events will be held and they will prove to be a saatchi's biggest test yet firstly here the olympic park will be a world cup staging short track speed skating and then in the mountains behind me which are about forty kilometers north of qatar sniper yana there will be world cup
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stages in the nordic combined and also cross-country skiing and while this gives the athletes an opportunity to test the facilities it also gives organizes a chance just to see how the transport system is working how the ticketing system is working and it also gives the army of olympic volunteers a chance to hone their skills and then in a couple of weeks time it will all start again again up in the mountains for a world cup stage at the sliding center in bob slayton scale is simple some of the athletes for that event have already started to turn up to train and the ones we spoke to say they've been pretty impressed with what they found. sydney i like the ice is getting better by the day and it will get even faster i think the track was designed in exactly the right way. while on thursday all eyes will be back down here at the olympic park because the one year to go count down will begin and that will be marked with a spectacular skating show in the bolshoi i stand behind me around three hundred
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people will take part in that the i.o.c. president jacques rogge will be in attendance and it will all be capped off with a magnificent firework display to light up the sochi sky exactly a year before the olympics begin andrew farmer. such as. and that's often the sports show. world. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. live.
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